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Updated: May 25, 2018

On Sat 19 May 2018, the WHY Project was launched!

At CIFA, there was a gathering of women who came together to share stories of personal experience, to engage on issues facing women in architecture in South Africa, and to encourage and support each other.

The W.H.Y Project is a mentoring network aimed at supporting women in architecture and becoming a platform to encourage engagement across barriers and become a catalyst for true transformation in our industry.

Kirsty Ronne, founder of the prgramme, shared her vision and mission for the project:

The Vision

To address the extreme marginalisation of black female architects in South Africa, and to be a platform for real transformation in the industry, through the network of mentoring relationships for women by women.

The Mission

-To establish a mentoring network for females in architecture

-Through the mentoring network, identify needs and provide the necessary support for students, particularly black female architects, over their years of study.

-Through the mentoring network, identify needs and provide the necessary support for black female owned business to grow and become the norm rather than the exception.

-To develop a platform for the sharing of resources, skills and information.

If you are interested in becoming involved, please see our website for more details.

Thank you to Colab Concepts for sponsoring the event, as well as our sponsors of the goodie bags, Dormakaba, Saint Gobain, Dilmah tea and RNA Distribution.

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