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| Welmoed Estate |

in implementation phase



Together with Jakupa Architects and Urban Designers, we have been appointed on this catalytic project, which is part of the larger Southern Corridor initiative. Welmoed have been earmarked to provide 8000 subsidized housing units. This includes BNG, Sites and Services, FLISP, Social Housing, CRU along with market driven housing, farming and income generation opportunities. 


A range of housing typologies that are responsive to the urban form has been developed. Our proposals have been developed to accommodate retail, work at home options and a full range of civic functions to structure a settlement that is responsive to environmental constraints. Incrementality, thinking of housing as a verb and as an income generator for the beneficiary, has been an integral part of the conceptual thinking. The typologies support self-build strategies within a robust framework, which encourages density and the development of a vibrant and integrated community over time.

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